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Data recovery
Data recovery
Data recovery
   Data recovery from the producer of diagnostic and repair equipment. Recovery information from ever medium: HDD, RAID, Flash, etc.  
   Development and manufacture programs and equipment for diagnostic, recovery information and repair information mediums..  
Our products
 Adapter microSD 3x7 pin
 MicroSD card reader
  with 3x7 contact arrangement in programmers
  PC3000-FLASH, Flash Extractor (Soft-Center) and
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Adapter microSD 3x7 pin
 The device is designed for testing and high-quality
 finding of defects on HDD having got Serial ATA
 interface and larger than 128Gb.
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 Device enables to do full hardware copy
 of both good HDD and HDD having
 unstable read sectors.
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The Latest News
Data recovery from SSD based on Sandforce controllers
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Data recovery from SSD OCZ VECTOR 150
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The new POST code indicator for SAMSUNG notebooks
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Professional data recovery

For over 15 years our company provides hardware and software to repair hard drives and data recovery. We cooperate with leading Russian and foreign experts in the field. Having our own hardware and software allows us to be flexible to any abnormal situations and in no time as maintaining the quality of our work.

During recovery the most important role played by masters qualification, quality of the equipment and properly diagnose the problem. No wonder this work is often compared with the medical operation, which also all depends on the correct diagnosis and surgical skills. Our company employs highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, many of whom are involved in the development of new equipment and software.

We will guarantee the quality of our work, so we never take an advance payment for their services. The customer pays only if the booking is made. The success of recovery is determined solely by the client.

Accumulated over 15 years of a huge database of hard drive allows us to begin the work on the day of receipt of the order, bypassing the time required to search for the required disk donor.

Our company is constantly improving its equipment and maintains software development in areas such as: working with RAID arrays, SSD drives, flash cards and hard drives.

Diagnostic Equipment

For many years, our company develops and manufactures diagnostic and repair equipment for digital media and motherboards. For repairing hard drives we created hardware and software system HDD Repair Tool (HRT), and to restore the data, in addition to the complex, developed a special utility Data Recovery Edition (DRE)", allows you to recover data from the disk even defective part of the magnetic heads.

To work with the board of the computer in our company was created a full line of indicators breakpoints. So the most popular indicator, POST CodeDual handy system integrators - indicators breakpoints displayed on opposite sides of the board, which allows you to see well the passage functions BIOS, without removing the motherboard from the case. Indicator POST Super will be indispensable for developers PCI card, and the indicator POST Pro will look more closely at the problem of the motherboard. To work with laptops we created indicator Mini PCI POST, to date, it is the most functional indicator in its class. Unlike its competitors, he can diagnose the motherboard company COMPAL on specialized bus.

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